Individual Membership


Join the Australian Pole Sports Federation and support the development of Pole and Aerial Sports in Australia!


The 2023 membership year is now open

By joining the Australian Pole Sport Federation, you are helping to support the development of Pole and Aerial Sports as Olympic grade competitive sports.

Your membership helps the Australian Pole Sport Federation to continue running/ Federation membership also allows you to compete as a Pole or Aerial Athlete in our national competition, as well as allowing you to qualify for the World Pole and Aerial Championships. If you choose not to compete, but you would like to watch our national championships being held in Penrith on the 9th of July 2023, your APSF membership will give you priority VIP seating.

For competitors: There is both a membership fee and competition registration fee to be paid in order to compete.

There are many benefits to being a member with us, including advice and support in key areas such as competitions and anti-doping. As a member of the APSF, you are also eligible to vote on certain issues and play a significant part in shaping the Federation for the future of Pole and Aerial Sports.

The studio you are representing must also be an APSF studio member. Studio Membership is free in 2023, with the option to pay $10 for a digital certificate of membership for you to print and display in-studio. Please ask your studio owner to register their studio. We will acknowledge them as an APSF member on our social media and on our soon-to-be-launched studio directory page on our website.

The membership fee is annual, with renewal available from January.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are also a studio owner, your STUDIO MEMBERSHIP must be ordered under a separate account with separate website logins to your individual membership.