What is the stage configuration?

For all Pole competitions, there are 2 x 45mm Brass Lupit Poles, 4m tall.

In Pole Sport, these must be set with the pole on stage left as spinning and on stage right as static.

In Artistic Pole, the athlete may choose the configuration of spinning and/or static poles.

All Hoop competitions use a powder-coated, 2-point, 25mm hoop that must be rigged higher than the athletes chin. The athlete can choose a hoop with an external diameter of 900mm, 950mm or 1000mm.

All trussing and rigging is done by a qualified and insured rigger.

For full details of rigging, trussing and stage setup, visit and navigate to the document titled IPSF APPARATUS NORMS.

What type of poles are used in this competition

The Australian Pole and Aerial Championships use competition standard 45mm brass Lupit poles.

What type of hoop is used in this competition

The Australian Pole and Aerial Championships use two-point powder coated hoops from X-Pole.

Can I bring my own hoop to this competition?

IPSF, the International Pole Sport Federation that oversees the Australian Pole Sport Federation, does not allow BYO apparatus for their competitions. 

IPSF requires that equipment is standardised, in the interest of a fair competition, with the overarching goal of becoming an Olympic Sport.

Why do I need to be a member in order to compete?

As with all sports, membership is required to utilise the Federation’s services and also, so that the Australian Pole Sports Federation, as a not-for-profit organisation, can continue to provide these services.

In addition, the Australian Pole Sport Federation is working to have Pole Sport and Hoop Sport recognised as national sports, and part of this process requires that our athletes are members of our federation. Furthermore, the IPSF requires that our athletes be members of our federation. 

This is in-line with other comparable Olympic Sports.

Who will judge this competition?

IPSF-endorsed competitions such as the Australian Pole and Aerial Championships are judged by a cohesive team of highly trained IPSF Certified Judges. These judges undergo extensive training to truly become experts in the IPSF disciplines and are overseen by a highly experienced Head Judge.