Australian Pole and Aerial Championships 2023

The Australian Pole Sports Federation is proud to announce that in 2023, for the first time, the Australian Pole and Aerial Championships will be held in the Greater Sydney region of NSW!

IPSF-endorsed competitions like the Australian Pole and Aerial Championships have principles of accessibility and inclusivity as core values, and with this in mind, we’re making our unique competition as accessible as possible to the largest population of pole dancers and aerialists in Australia. We considered both Sydney and Melbourne when scouting locations, however the APSF management committee has more “feet on the ground” in Sydney, which was a deciding factor when planning for 2023.

While we are as yet unable to confirm the exact date and location of the championships, we anticipate a mid-year event, less than an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD.

The 2023 Australian Pole and Aerial Championships consists of multiple competitions, including:

Pole Sports

Artistic Pole

Aerial Hoop Sports

Artistic Aerial Hoop

Para Pole

Ultra Pole

We’ve had 3 wonderful competition years in sunny Cairns with great thanks to the Cairns-based committee members and sponsors. The APSF would not exist without their commitment, drive and support.

Keen to compete?

Our Competition year runs in-line with the calendar year. Membership registration for the competition year opens on the 1st of January, and competition registration for athletes opens not long after.

If you would like to compete in our 2023 competition, please join our mailing list and we will let you know as soon as registration opens. 

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